Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Cross country

Kia orana blog world today was a hot exhausting day and we went to cross country.At cross country we had to do as much laps as we could.I did 2 laps and i was really tired but I knew I could make it. A lot of people were tired and exhausted and some people were encouraging the people that was tired and exhausted.At the same time it was exhausting and fun.All of us had stitches because we were running to fast so we lost our energy and all of our heart was beating.We do cross country because we want to be fit and have muscles.

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My great holiday

Kia Orana Blog World,

world In the holiday's it was amazing and fun.My family just stayed home and watched movies.We watched Alien's in the attic,kung fu panda and Journey to the mysterious island.My favorite movie to watch was Kung fu panda 3 because Po found his Father and they were so happy.Also my second movie I liked was Aliens in the attic because The aliens have a controller that controls people and one of the boys was controlling a boy named Ricky and the boy that was controlling Ricky pressed a control that slapped himself.Then after when we watched movies we played games like Hide and seek and Hide and clap and that was my Great holiday.Then at last we ate delicious pizza. 

What was my favorite movie and why?
What was the 3 movies i watched?
What kind of games were i playing?
What did i do last?

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Pie Paragraph

Kia orana blog world today I will be talking about a Pie Paragraph.The P stands for point and I stands for Information and the stands for explain so Pie stands for Point,information and explain.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Story bird

My storybird

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