Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Pest Trackers

Last week Hansen class has been making pest trackers to track pests. The materials we needed was peanut butter,paper,milk bottles,sponge,tape,scissors,food coloring and a black plastic bag.We are learning about native birds because dangerous pests have been hurting our native birds and we don't want that to happen.A lot of birds are becoming extinct. We have been doing this so we know what kind of pests we have at our school.For example stoats,possums,rats and hedgehogs.Some of our classmates put there trackers in the jungle,bush walk and the back garden.We put the trackers out on Friday. Then we waited till Monday to check if there was any footprints on our trackers.When I looked at my tracker on Monday I noticed that the peanut butter was soggy and wet.Also I noticed that the peanut butter was all covered in ants but it wasn't just ordinary ants they were a type of ant.The color of the ant was a little bit orange.I think it didn't work because the rain might of been to strong so I thing the rain scared the pests and they might of ran away. I should change nothing because I really think that the rain has caused this problem.I think this would of worked if the weather wasn't that bad.