Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Blog connnections

Kia Ora my name is June and I am a year 5 at Hay Park School.Today Gerard our cyber smart teacher came into our classroom and talked about cyber smart. First we talked about a formal text.We gave an example of a formal text then 1 student had to write the example down.After that we talked about my maps.On my maps we had to rename the account.Then we had to find our ako hiko schools and we had to find them on my map search.The best thing I enjoyed about this task was seeing all the countries that have been visiting blogs. June

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Today our teacher Gerald came into Hansen class to  do our cyber smart lesson.We are learning to collaborate using google apps.
The activity we  did was we had to take a screenshot of yourself and we had to write our favorite movie and why we liked it.What I found hard about this task was that I couldn't write and it was tricky because people kept going on my box.I learnt different ways to collaborate on google apps.I learnt that you could collaborate using suggesting and I think it is a great idea or you could use the comment button to.Please give me some feedback on my work.

Blog you later

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Zoo trip

Bula Bloggers on Tuesday Hay Park School seniors went on a trip to the zoo.We saw a lot of amazing animals.We saw an elephant,giraffe,tiger,lion and a zebra.We could hear noises coming from near the waterfall.It sounded like birds chirping.Our class learnt about the blue whio duck. We didn't get to see it because we couldn't find it and they are also great at camouflaging and hiding.Did you know that the whio duck is in danger?Pests keep killing the whio duck and they eat them.One of the pests that come and kill is stoats possums and hedgehogs.Also did you know that the blue whio duck is on the ten dollar note.Any way back to the story.After we talked about the blue whio duck we had lunch.After this we went to see all the other fantastic animals.When we finished looking at all the animals we had lunch.After lunch we waited for the bus to come then we hopped in the bus and drove back to school.Once we arrived to school we hopped out of the bus and we all said thank you to the amazing bus driver for taking us to the zoo.   Here is a photo of a blue whio bird