Friday, 11 November 2016

Amazing Atheletics

On Tuesday was an amazing and a fantastic day because we had athletics day.The sports we did was shot put,tug of war,javelin,long jump,high jump and we did the gumboot throw.My favorite sport was long jump and tug of war.Tug of war was my favorite because you got to verse your team members.Also you can get big muscles by pulling hard.Long jump was my favorite as well because when you jump it's like your flying into the air like a bird.The team I was in was the orange team.

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have a good day
by June    


  1. Talofa lava June,
    Your blog post is really interesting because you have what you done and what your favourite thing or game. What you should do next time is to put more detail in your writing and put some photo's in.

    Thank you for sharing your work and have a nice day.
    By Jordyn

    1. Hi Jordyn it's me June thank you for the helpful and respectful comment.I really appreciate your comment.Next time I will put in a photo.

      Thank you
      By June