Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hello blogging world me and my class was learning about nutrition and sugar.We were finding how much sugar that were in these drinks.Which drink do you think is the healthiest drink.Also can you please make a copy of my work and can you guess which labels go in each drink.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed my writing about mix 'n' match

here is a link to my mix 'n' match activity.


  1. Hi June

    This looks like a fun and exciting task. Just wondering what I should do after I have made a copy of your task and finished it. Could I post it to my blog?

    Just a reminder to always reread your blog post to check if it makes sense. It is a great habit to get into whenever you are blogging. Oh and add a blog post title.

    Thank you
    Miss Fortes

  2. kia ora Jane i like how you have put all these sugary drinks here so people know what to drink and what you should not drink. do you like sugary drinks i can not have fizzy drinks because i have bracers Well done. :)

  3. Hello Blake thank you for the helpful and positive comment.I appreciate your comment very much.Also I do like fizzy drinks because it is yummy and it is better then water.But you might think water is better. Thank you Blake

  4. Hi June! I liked how you put a blog post up about fizzy drinks due to Nutrition and Sugar, lots of sugar are not that great and telling people there are way too much sugar in them and is not good for your body. Keep up the good work.

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