Monday, 1 August 2016

Kawa of care

  Hello blog world today we learned about Kawa of care and it was fun.One tip is to remember to put your thumbs on top of your Chromebook and put your four fingers so it doesn't fall down.Another tip is to look look where you are going because you might trip over and your Chromebook will fall down and it might be damaged.

Thank you for reading and please give me feedback


  1. HI JUNE
    come to my blog to cheek my one

  2. Hi June,
    My name is Jeneba from May Road and today my class Room 13 was just looking at your blog's and I love how you were acting with some people in your class.I love the part when Joshua said to don't put your chrome book at the edge because it can fall.

    Next time it will be lovely to make your writing a bit bigger so people can see thank you.

    1. Hello Jeneba thank you really much for the respectful comment.Have you made something like this?

      thank you for reading

  3. Hi June,
    I am from room 13 at May Road School and my name is Jordyn. I like how you guys were acting out how to use your Chromebooks safely . If you do another one like this you should add the teacher in because that will be a little bit funny! Did you guys have fun when you did this?

    June I also come from church:)
    By Jordyn

  4. Hi June
    I am from May road school and I liked how you put in the talking bubbles.I liked how you used your Chromebook safe and sensibly and when you told then to stop when they lid was opened.You can show me more about using your Chromebook's safe and sensibly

    from Vaisioa

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  6. malo jd my name is ausage and i go tyo may road school i like your work.